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Phil Harrison: Google Stadia is not born to compete with other consoles

During an interview granted to IGN.com colleagues, Phil Harrison returned to discussing Google Stadia to investigate the question of the attitude that the Mountain View giant will take towards other giants in the sector, in particular Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft .

"I don't think Stadia's success derives from someone's defeat" Google's internal division boss in charge of erecting the monumental infrastructure explained of data center that will manage the new Big G game streaming service, adding immediately after "I think that to make this sector grow and this thing we love so much, that is video games, we have to create a bigger opportunity for all in this area and this is what I am committed to ".

To the conciliatory words of Phil Harrison on the relationship with the other actors of the videogame industry are added q uelle of the president and managing director of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, who confirmed the desire to forge a pact of collaboration with Google, fully embracing the Stadia cause since its inception, as demonstrated by the use of a cloud version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey for the tests of Project Stream .

Even Phil Spencer of Microsoft reacted to the announcement by Google Stadia stating that he was not surprised by the move made by Big G (to begin in the videogame universe with a game streaming platform) but of not having foreseen integration with YouTube and Google's desire to produce its own controller.

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