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PlayStation 5: all the news on the Next-Gen console in a video

Although official information on PlayStation 5 is not yet available, we have not talked about anything else in the gaming community for months.

There are countless rumors that have followed in recent times, so our Francesco Fossetti has well thought to take stock of the situation in a new Special Video also advancing some assumptions about the price and launch date

Regarding the technical specifications many now take for granted the partnership between Sony and AMD which would result in a console equipped with GPU Navi and CPU Zen with a computing power that could settle between 11 and 15 TFLOPs . On the RAM side, the use of 16 or 24 GB GDDR6 seems to have been taken for granted. To make a comparison, the PlayStation 4 Pro offers a "only" 4.2 TFLOPs computing power and equips 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. The technological leap, if the rumors were confirmed, would therefore be considerable.

Recently, new rumors have emerged on the possible presence of backward compatibility, which would allow the future console to run the titles of the PlayStation 4 catalog, with a lot of visual improvements, as happens already on Xbox One X .

Find this and much more in Special Video by Francesco Fossetti attached at the top of this news, in which there is also talk of PlayStation Now, possible price and release date of PlayStation 5. We wish you a good view!

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