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PlayStation 5: what will be the price at launch?

Sony has not yet announced PlayStation 5 but it is no secret that the new generation of consoles is now close to launch, with the arrival, according to analysts, between 2020 and 2021. Waiting to learn more about PS5 we analyzed the latest rumors about the possible launch price of the platform

According to financial analysts, Sony could sell the console at day one at a price between 299 and $ 399 / euro not disdaining prices " intermediate " as 329 or 349 euro same price point adopted by Nintendo with Switch: the cost of the hybrid console of the Kyoto House was considered by many to be too high but this did not hold back sales, which exceeded 35 million pieces in two years.

We ask: how much will the PlayStation 5 cost? Starting from 299 euros (it is difficult to hypothesize a launch price lower) to over 499 euros … to you the word!

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