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PlayStation Plus: the March 2019 games are available for download

March 2019 will be the first month without new games for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita after many years of PlayStation Plus, given the decision of Sony to stop the service for such platforms, but the selection of PS4 games looks really bad.

As we told you in fact, the free games of this month's new selection are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness. Both titles are finally available starting today, while you still have available until March 8 to download the games of the last selection of PS3 and PSVita .

of one of the most appreciated chapters of the entire shooter saga of Activision in a revised and corrected version, featuring a full-bodied single-player campaign but also online multiplayer, and a fanciful puzzle game by the same author of success 2009 Braid which, especially for free, may prove worth trying.

However, make sure you have a lot of free space available on your hard disk, as the download of Call of Duty will occupy as many as 74.5 GB, while The Witness "only" 8GB of data.

What do you think of the selection of games this month? Are you ready to load your shotguns and immerse yourself in daring shooter sessions, or do you prefer to train your brain with the puzzle solving puzzle games?

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