PlayStation VR: 5 perfect games to get closer to virtual reality in a video


For a large proportion of gamers, Virtual Reality still represents an unknown world. The most significant constraints that slow down the approach of users to VR are, basically, two: on the one hand there is the high cost of access, on the other hand the possible onset of motion sickness phenomena, such as nausea and

For this reason, in an attempt to meet the needs of the most fascinated and sensitive players, we have decided to select five unmissable games that represent an excellent entry point into the world of virtual reality. From Moss to Batman Arkham VR passing through Tetris Effect, Werewolves Within and I expect you to die . VR is still a relatively young technology, surely destined to explode further in the future, but it can already boast a vast and respectable catalog.

In the Special Video at the opening of the news we described one by one the aforementioned titles. If you do not have enough yet, among our pages you will also find the Special on the best VR entry level games. As usual, we also wait for comments with your opinions: which are, in your opinion, the most suitable games to approach Virtual Reality?