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Pokemon Direct: some clues point to the mysterious Pokemon RPG expected on Switch in 2019

What better way to celebrate Pokemon Day than with the possibility of following a new Nintendo Direct entirely dedicated to the creatures of Game Freak?

27 February represents the anniversary of the debut on the videogame market of the first Pokemon themed game, dating back to the distant 1996. For the occasion, Pokemon GO will also join the celebrations, with an in-game event dedicated to the Kanto Region, the first geographical area to frame to the adventures of aspiring Pokemon Masters.

Today, rather surprisingly, Nintendo has announced that fans all over the world will enjoy a new Pokemon Direc t. The latter will have a very limited duration, equal to about seven minutes, but the common hope is that we can finally raise the curtain that hides the mysterious Pokemon RPG expected on Nintendo Switch during 2019 . Anxious to learn more, a User has searched through an analysis of the keyword related to Video of Pokemon Direct . Regarding the version USA the player, known as PokeXperto seems to have identified the following keywords: " gameplay ", " action "," adventure ". " RPG " and " Switch ". In short, such clues would seem to point towards an imminent reveal of the expected title that will introduce the new generation of Pokemon.

Nintendo for now, has not offered confirmation in this sense, but do not worry: to learn more we will have to wait less than 24 hours! We remind you that, as usual, the editorial staff of Everyeye will not fail to keep you company during the transmission, which will therefore be commented live on our Twitch Channel, do not miss it!

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