Pokemon GO celebrates Pokemon Day 2019: Kanto Region Special Event!


February 27th is a special day for the videogame world and for aspiring Pokemon Masters: on that day, back in 1996, he made his debut the first videogame of his beloved Game Freak Series! [19659002] The day, renamed "Pokemon Day" represents a special occasion to celebrate this extraordinary IP. And how could Pokemon GO refrain from participating in the 2019 edition celebrations? Niantic has therefore decided to organize an in-game event dedicated to Kanto Region the first to come to life within a Pokemon Title. Here are the details provided by the Development Team.

The celebrations for Pokemon Day 2019 will start Tuesday, February 26 at 22:00 and end on February 28 in the same time. During this time, the three Kanto Pokemon starter will appear more frequently in the wild: therefore keep your Poke Ball ready for Bulbasaur Charmender and Squirtle ! The lucky ones could also meet with the chromatic variations of Pidgey and Rattata . Finally, the coaches who will complete the field research missions will be able to see appear in the wild state of Pikachu and Evee wearing a wreath of flowers! Are you ready to celebrate the Pokemon Day 2019 ?