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Pokemon GO: Deoxys in Form Defense alters the EX Raids

Deoxys, the Pokémon DNA, tested the strength of the Trainers of Pokemon GO during the EX raids and has now changed shape again! Deoxys in Defense Form will be available in EX raids with a strength never seen before, so prepare your team.

It will be possible to challenge this mysterious Psychic-type Pokémon from 25 March . Have you ever participated in an EX raid? You can receive an EX raid ticket by winning a raid in a suitable Gym. You can discover which Gyms can host an EX raid thanks to a practical tag present in the details of the Gym. EX raid tickets will reveal the date and time when you can challenge Deoxys in Defense Form, so prepare your Pokémon for an epic battle

Defeating Deoxys in Defense Form will be a difficult challenge and Coaches will have to take every opportunity, so bring a friend with you! Don't forget that invitations can only be sent to friends for the skin or best friends, so challenge your friends, send friendship packs and trade Pokémon with them to increase your level of friendship.

Will you be up to the challenge? Good luck Coaches: Deoxys in Forma Defense won't give up

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