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Pokemon GO welcomes a flood of news: new Pokemon, special Bait Modules and evolutions!

After announcing the extraordinary Raid week in Pokemon GO, Niantic does not hesitate to share a flood of exciting news with coaches from around the world

The famous mobile game in augmented reality in fact, it prepares to welcome significant changes within it. Among these, inevitable, the in-game introduction of new Pokemon ! The new arrivals all come from the Sinnoh Region: among these are Cherubi Gible Hippopotas and many others. The creatures can be obtained by trainers either by capturing in the wild or by hatching. Some of the new Pokemon may also be able to learn the new move Geoforza a ground-type attack. The latter can also be learned to other creatures, including Nidoqueen Nidoking Aerodactyl Camerupt and Claydol .

But that's not all: Niantic has announced the introduction in the game of three special Esca Modules :

  • Glacial Bait Form : it attracts Pokemon who love the cold, including creatures of the Water and Ice type
  • Form Esca Muschioso : attracts Pokemon that " love to play among the leaves ", especially those of type Grass, Coleoptera and Poison;
  • Magnetic Bait Module : attracts Pokemon interested in electromagnetic forces, such as Electro, Steel or Rock type creatures.

Very interesting element, Trainers who are in the vicinity of a Pokestop where one of these is activated new Modules will be able to access, turning the disk, to some [1 9459005] developments linked to the lure . Among those mentioned we find the evolution of Nosepass and Magneton in addition to some evolutions of Eevee . All three Esca Modules can be purchased in-game, furthermore they will be made available in the future as rewards for completing special research tasks.

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While you are discovering all these news, don't forget that Sunday May 19th will take place Torchic's Community Day!

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