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Pokémon: let's go over the story of the Starter in a Retrospective Video

Pokémon Sword and Shield, unveiled a few days ago during a dedicated Direct, by the end of this year will bring the coaches in the new region of Galar, where waiting for them will find the eighth generation monsters.

At the beginning of their adventure, as per tradition for the series, they will be able to choose between three different starter Pokémon: Grookey (Grass), Scorbunny (Fire) and Sobble (Water). While the players argue about who is the most interesting (Everyeye readers, judging by the survey, have a slight preference for Sobble), we thought well to make a retrospective video on the starter of the past generations, retracing, at the same time, the story one of the most beloved sagas in the history of video games and not.

It all started in the Kanto region in the late 90s. In Blue and Red Pokémon the new coaches were called to make the choice par excellence: Charmander Bulbasaur or Squirtle ? In the first titles of the series the fundamental rule of the starter was already emerging: from that moment on, the choice would always have been between Pokémon Fire, Grass and Water, with the exception of Yellow. The latter retraced the stories of the anime and proposed to the players only Pikachu

In Pokémon Gold and Silver set in the Jotho region, instead came the turn of Chikorita (Grass), Cyndaaquil (Fire) and Totodile (Water). The rest … it's history. If you want to refresh your memory, we suggest you look at our retrospective in the video attached at the top of the news. Enjoy it!

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