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Pokemon mobile games have grossed over $ 2.5 billion

According to Sensor Tower, the mobile games dedicated to Pokemon produced revenues of $ 2.5 million, most of them (98% of the total) from the phenomenon Pokemon GO .

The Pokemon Company operates six different apps for iOS and Android: Pokémon GO, Pokémon Shuffle, Duel Pokémon Pokémon Quest Pokémon Magikarp Jump and TCG Online Pokémon to train the ranks we find obviously Pokemon GO with revenues of 2.45 billion dollars followed by Pokemon Shuffle at 25 million, the remaining share must be divided between the remaining six games.

In the United States, consumers spent $ 875 million in microtransactions related to games Pokemon Mobile followed by Japan at 725 million. To date, the installed apps are as many as 640 million, with the usual Pokemon GO in first place (550 million) followed by Pokemon Duel (39 million).

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