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Pokemon: Nintendo and Game Freak have registered the brand

The official announcement of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield has kicked off, according to tradition when we talk about a new chapter of the Pokemon Series, to a large number of hypotheses and speculations.

Some of the rumor more widespread appear to be based on a mysterious anonymous post appeared on the platform 4chan on 21 February, but subsequently removed. The content of the latter was in fact revalued following the official reveal of the two new chapters Pokemon, which occurred during the Pokemon Direct on 27 February. The post had in fact correctly indicated Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield as new Titles and had predicted a Game Region inspired by Britain.

Among other alleged information disseminated on ] 4chan there was a reference to the "Armored Evolutions" which we can translate with Armored Evolutions or Armor, and the "Armored" versions of Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Charizard, Flygon and Zeraora. Part of the Community now reconnects this reference to the discovery of a trademark registered in Japan by Nintendo and Game Freak : "Armored Mewtwo" . Making a direct connection between the latter and a possible unpublished feature of Pokemon Sword and Shield does not seem immediate. As noted by the Community, this wording could in fact be linked to the Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Stikes Back: Evolution or to other Pokemon-themed products.

As whenever we talk about rumor or alleged leak, we invite readers and readers to remember that this is absolutely unofficial and unconfirmed information. To know exactly what indicates the registration of this brand we can in fact only wait for any communications on the part of Nintendo and Game Freak.

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