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Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword: the full replica of the announcement Direct

On the occasion of the Pokemon Direct of 27 February, Nintendo and Game Freak have unveiled the new Chapters of the Saga to the public. In order not to miss any details, we propose at the bottom the complete replica of the event, invariably commented by our Alessandro Bruni and Francesco Fossetti .

The transmission has unfortunately had an extremely long life contained, less than ten minutes. Despite this, it can not be said that the information provided to the public was few! The Community Videoludica linked to the creatures of Game Freak has indeed been able to finally get acquainted with the new chapters of the Saga: Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword! The latter have been shown with a long and full-bodied Trailer, which has given us many details.

Among these, the setting: as aspiring Pokemon Masters, our next adventures will take us through the Galar Region. The latter presents itself as rather varied. In the Trailer we can admire both small towns and natural landscapes of different nature. As usual, fans of the Saga were waiting at the gate to know the appearance of the new Starter Pokemon Sword and Shield, and were satisfied. Game Freak has indeed shown the first Pokémon of the Eighth Generation with which we will be able to get to know about the Nintendo Switch: it is Grookey Scorbunny and Sobble respectively Pokémon type Grass, Fire and Water.

The announcements were introduced by none other than Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokemon Company . Following the presentation of Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword Nintendo also published a rich image gallery dedicated to the two Titles.

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