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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: Nintendo opens the official website

The announcement of Pokemon Spada and Scudo continues to keep track on sites and forums for videogames around the world. The great expectation of fans for the release of this blockbuster on Switch thus pushes Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to launch the official website of the next, ambitious project of Game Freak .

The game scenes immortalized in the presentation film packaged by the Kyoto house and details provided by the Japanese authors on the official website of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Scudo confirm all the rumors circulated on the net during the last months.

A new ruin adventure dedicated to the monsters of the Grande N and its oceanic crowd of aspiring Masters provides further details on the narrative and gameplay elements that will outline the work.

The explorers of the Galar region will have to visit extremely diverse biomes and villages to try to catch an ever-increasing number of monsters, including new Pokemon Starter as the fluffy and curious Chimpanzee of the type Grass Grookey the sparkling Rabbit of the Fire type Scorbunny and the shy (but no less lethal in battle) Acquacertola Sobble .

Regardless of the creatures you will try to capture in the colorful universe of the last ruffistic effort of Game Freak, we leave you at the official website link of Pokemon Sword and Shield and remind the Trainers listening (or better, to read ) that the two adventures of The Pokémon Company will be available on Nintendo Switch by end of 2019 .

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