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Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch: Ishihara is electrified by the

In the margins of Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pokemon Spada and Scudo, the president and managing director of The Pokémon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara, wanted to express his opinion on the new, ambitious adventure that will be launched on Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2019.

Retracing the history of this iconic Nintendian series, Ishihara said he was thrilled by the announcement of the new blockbuster of Game Freak and stated that "Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the exciting new chapter in the long journey full of adventures that Pokémon video games began exactly 23 years ago on the same day ".

" Since then, Trainers around the world have discovered new Pokemon, faced legendary battles and accumulated precious memories of his adventures "he then explained the chief executive of The Pokémon Company concluding his mess adding that "we can not wait to continue this journey in the universe of Pokemon exploring the new beautiful region where the next games will be set, which will come out on Nintendo Switch at the end of the year" . [19659004] Tsunekazu Ishihara confirms the information provided by the latest Nintendo Direct and indicates the end of 2019 as the indicative marketing window of Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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