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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Is Sobble the Most Beloved Starter?

On the occasion of Pokemon Day 2019, Nintendo and Game Freak have finally raised the curtain on the two new chapters of the Saga: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

During a short but intense Direct, the Fan of the creatures of Casa Game Freak have been able to get acquainted with the new Region of Galar, within which it will be possible to meet the long-awaited Pokemon of the Eighth Generation . It has not yet been announced how many creatures will debut for the first time inside the Pokedex, however, the three new Starter Pokemon Swords and Pokemon Shields were presented to the public.

To probe the audience's preferences to the submission deadline, Pokemon's official Twitter account launched a cute survey on the social platform, asking users to indicate their favorite. Well, from the voting emerged winner Sobble ! The new Pokemon Acquacertola has indeed got the 38% of the preferences, blowing a hair the victory to Scorbunny, Starter of fire that has attracted 37% of the votes. Further back in the audience's appreciation we find Grookey, the Pokemon Chimpanzee, a new Grass-type Starter. What do you think, do you agree? Have you already chosen your new adventure companion or are you waiting to know its evolutions?

To reflect you will still have some months left, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are in fact expected Nintendo Switch at the end of 2019. To know all the details currently available on the two new titles, we point out that on the pages of Everyeye you can find our dedicated preview, signed by Andrea Fontanesi.

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