Power Rangers Battle for the Grid: first Gameplay Trailer for the Fighting Game


The Power Rangers themed fighting game, born from a collaboration between Lionsgate, Hasbro and nWay, shows itself in a first Gameplay Trailer in which we discover some new characters.

Unveiled at public with a Reveal Trailer during the month of January, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid proposes itself as a Game characterized by a simple gameplay to approach, but complex to master completely. You can take a look at the main mechanics that will characterize the fighting game thanks to the new Gameplay Trailer which you will find, as usual, directly at the beginning of this news. At the bottom, you can also find a long Power Rangers game: Battle for the Grid which involves the Development Team.

Quite numerous members of Roster recently unveiled. In addition to the already known Jason Lee Scott, Gia Moran, Tommy Oliver and Lord Drakkon, the characters of:

  • Goldar;
  • Ranger Slayer;
  • Kat Manx;
  • Magna defender;
  • Mastadon Sentry.

We remind you that the publication of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is currently waiting for spring 2019. Among the supported platforms we find Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.