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Provide Season 8: a Piovra Vehicle coming soon? [Rumor]

The Season 8 of Fortnite has finally begun and has brought with it a large number of pirate-themed news for the entire Community of videogamers active on the Epic Games Title.

The Season 8, however, has just begun and probably there are still many surprises that Epic Games has in store for gamers. Among these, could be the introduction in Fortnite of a new bizarre vehicle. As expected, following the start of the new season, numerous dataminer have in fact put themselves to work to find some clues on the future evolution of the Title. Well, one of these seems to have found some references to a octopus due, according to the latter, to a possible new vehicle . During a recent AMA session conducted on Reddit at the end of February, the Development Team had indeed confirmed that it was working on a new single-seater vehicle: that this could have something to do with the dataminer ?

So far, as whenever we talk about rumor or leak there is no certainty. To get official information on this, we just have to wait for new communications from Epic Games . In the meantime, we would like to point out that on our Everyeye pages there is one of our specials entirely dedicated to the new features introduced by the Fortnite Season 8, by Antonio Izzo.

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