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PS5 and cloud gaming: Sony promises more details close to launch

In the now famous interview with Wired dedicated to PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny traced the path that will lead Sony to the next-gen and cited cloud gaming as one of the cornerstones of the Japanese technological giant's project.

Conscious of the ambitions nurtured by the fierce competition Cerny discussed Sony's future and the need for the company to look at streaming experiences to further expand its catchment area: "We are pioneers of cloud gaming and our vision should become clear as we head towards the launch "it was in fact the message that the developer and programmer of the Japanese company wanted to launch to his community and, indirectly, to the other actors of the industry

With the recent launch of PS Now in markets such as Italy, on the other hand, Sony's top management has already made it clear that they want to embrace cloud gaming since the marketing of PlayStation 5: the giants of the sector, of course, are not watching and are preparing to inaugurate a new videogame season with solutions "on cloud", accessible on any device and without the need to have a fixed console, like those of Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud.

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