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PS5: Does Sony work on a streaming service that rivals Google Stadia?

Judging by a patent filed in 2014, and for some reason only accepted in recent times, Sony could be working on a new streaming gaming service different – and especially more advanced – of PlayStation Now.

According to what can be read in the 79 page document attached, this service would be very similar to Google Stadia since it is able to transmit games from a hosting server to any existing device equipped with a screen, with a graphic quality far superior to that permitted by hardware such as consoles: in essence, players could simulate the performance of a very high-end PC, without however possessing it. This is the same philosophy behind the Mountain View giant's Stadia project.

This service, therefore, could be configured as the evolution of PlayStation Now (which currently allows the streaming of games that are perfectly able to run on the console even if downloaded or purchased on disk). It could also be a perfect service to accompany the launch of PlayStation 5 (which the latest rumors are set for 2020), or even to be an alternative to the next-gen console.

We would like to clarify, in any case, that Sony has not yet announced anything official. Our speculations are based on a patent that may not even evolve into a finished product, as often happens. It is clear, however, that Sony is already preparing for the future . The Japanese company believes that cloud gaming will replace the traditional market, although it may take no less than 5 years, as stated by CFO Hiroki Totoki last February.

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