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PS5: launch in November 2020 and 21 million units at $ 499 by 2022, for an analyst

With the ever more pressing desire for next-gen, theories and speculations about the arrival of PlayStation 5 are wasted on the network, the console that will make use of an SSD and the consequent disappearance of exhausting loads one of its main supporting columns.

Among the various predictions that circulate in these weeks, here comes also that of Hideki Yasuda an analyst well known in Japan to be interested more often in the market dynamics of the videogame industry. Although the information related to the next console Sony is rather small at the moment (if we exclude some technical details already shared by Mark Cerny), Yasuda seems to have pretty clear ideas about the strategic plan that Sony is planning to launch in style in the next generation of consoles.

The analyst first expects the debut of PlayStation 5 for November 2020 with a launch price of 499 dollars . Going even further, and despite lacking concrete information on what will be the platform's line-up at day one, Yasuda forecasts 6 million units sold by March 2021, and an additional 15 million units by March 2022. The market expert he finally took the opportunity to point out that, according to his opinion, Google Stadia will not be able to put Sony into the wheels concretely and thus attenuate the console's sales numbers.

You what do you think? Do you think Hideki Yakusa's theories are plausible? Let us know your space in the comments section.

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