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PS5: which aspect struck you most?

Speaking on Wired's microphones, Mark Cerny surprisingly revealed first official details of PlayStation 5 Sony's long-awaited next gen console. The PS4 lead system architect has revealed several interesting information, allowing us to outline a clearer picture on the next-generation console of the Japanese giant.

To begin with, Cerny stated that PS5 will not be released before 2019, without however unbuttoning on actual launch window: will the console be launched on the market in 2020? Maybe in 2021? To know it we will have to wait for new information from Sony, but in the meantime we have the certainty that the debut will not take place before 2019. Fans will be pleased to know that PS5 will be backward compatible with PS4 and that the first PlayStation VR model will in turn be compatible with the new generation console. Speaking of the PS5 hardware specifications, moreover, Mark Cerny confirmed that the new console will mount a CPU Zen 2 and a video card AMD Navi able to manage the Ray Tracing confirming some of the rumors that have emerged in recent months.

The presence of a solid-state hard disk (whose dimensions are still unknown) has also been confirmed, thanks to which the loading times of the games will be considerably reduced. In light of when declared by Cerny to Wired microphones, which of the first official details of PS5 wowed you the most? To you the word!

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