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PS5 with Ray-Tracing, 8K and SSD: Sony looks to the future of entertainment

Mark Cerny of Sony unveils the official specs of PlayStation 5, confirming support for Ray-Tracing, 8K resolution and the presence of a solid-state SSD disk instead of the traditional mechanical hard disk. Here is everything you need to know!

The interview granted to Wired by the US designer and programmer at the head of the PS5 project was accompanied by a flood of information on Sony's next-gen console .

While confirming that the release of PlayStation 5 will not take place in 2019 Cerny explained that the works on the new Monolite Nero are so advanced that they can already fix the specifications hardware and, consequently, the fun features

The Zen 2 CPU processor and an AMD Navi video card, both with a 7-nanometer production process to contain the consumption of the home system without skimping on performance, will be the heart of a platform which, while projecting itself into the future thanks to a dedicated 3D audio chip, will look to the glorious past of Sony consoles thanks to the backward compatibility with the PS4 game library and the support for the virtual reality viewer and PS VR.

The special video that you can see at the bottom of the article therefore offers you a quick (but in-depth) overview of the announcements and revelations of Mark Cerny concerning PS5 and the future of entertainment according to Sony.

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