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PUBG: Erangel, the original map of the game, will be redesigned

To avoid turning into nostalgia earlier than expected, it is time to redo the trick for PlayerUnknown's Battleground, a pioneering title in the Battle Royale genre, whose first historical original map, Erangel seems to be to undergo some changes.

The map had been in-game since day one, and is now about to receive a redesign : the theme will remain the same, it will still be an island with forests and fields, but the positioning of the buildings and the architecture of the area in general, will be changed.

Some evidence on the Test Server had already leaked this week, and some players had noticed some things that had never been present on Erangel but PUBG Corp . he had not made statements until a few hours ago, when he informed the community with a brief press release.

The information leaked last week, however, made the software house known, concerned the very first attempts to change the area, which did not they were still definitive, so they were internal tests and it is likely that the final version of the map will be different.

More information, in any case, will be disseminated in the coming weeks, and once the update is complete, the "new map" will be made available to all on test server to collect user feedback.

What do you think? We needed this rejuvenation also to better cope with the enormous success of the rival Fortnite?

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