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RAGE 2: the first post-launch patch removes Denuvo from the PC Steam version

Before turning our gaze to the future and dreaming of dealing with RAGE 3, the boys of id Software and Avalanche remain anchored to the present and take advantage of the first post-launch patch of RAGE 2 to shut down the controversy linked to the presence by Denuvo in the PC Steam version of the Bethesda title.

The first minor RAGE 2 hotfix released after the title was released removes the DRM Denuvo chat ( "we received some requests" the developers jokingly explain ), thus diluting the harsh tones of the criticisms leveled by those who considered unjust the presence of the now famous anti-tampering system only on the version proposed on Steam and not on the one available for purchase from the Bethesda shop. [19659003] In addition to removal of Denuvo and to the consequent improvement in performance (albeit slight) which should take place with the abandonment of the an ti-tamper, the RAGE 2 patch introduces the Crash Reporter to allow users to report errors encountered during the game to Bethesda and resolve occasional crashes encountered during the game or directly when the software starts. The Razer Chroma function is also enabled by default for compatible keyboards.

Before leaving you, we present again our review of RAGE 2 by Francesco Fossetti and Giovanni Panzano's Guide with useful strategies and tricks to start dealing with mutant horrors of the Devastated Zone.

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