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RAGE 2: the new game video shows the Arche of the Devastated Zone

The id Software developers seize the opportunity offered by Microsoft to show us some new RAGE 2 game scenes during the latest Inside Xbox episode that gave us, among other things, the announcement of Xbox One S All Digital Edition without optical reader

The new demo produced by Tim Willits ideally brings us inside the Arche the hyper-technological structures in which we will have to go to acquire the Nanotrits needed for evolve the abilities of our alter-ego and succeed, in doing so, in overcoming the challenges offered by the most dangerous regions of the immense game world.

The range of powers to be acquired will be particularly wide and will give way to enthusiasts to personalize their own gaming experience according to the approach adopted to face the monsters of the Devastated Zone and the gangs of criminals following the Authority. Parallel to the abilities we will see then evolve the arsenal of Walker with gadgets, accessories and weapons that will include, for example, the mythical BFG 9000 of DOOM.

The hunt for Nanotrits of the sci-fi universe of RAGE 2 will officially start next May 14 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On these pages you will find a special explosive signed by Alessandro Bruni that helps us to become familiar with the dynamics of the game, with the free roaming possibilities and with the narrative plot of the last Bethesda shooter game.

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