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Rainbow Six Siege: 1 billion euros in collections and 45 million users

After celebrating Ubisoft's record results in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the leaders of the transalpine videogame take advantage of the media showcase granted by the presentation of the latest financial results to celebrate the success of Rainbow Six Siege.

Dal The launch of the title to date, the tactical shooter of Ubisoft Montreal has generated 1.12 billion dollars of proceeds, a figure that, at the current exchange rate, corresponds exactly to a billion dollars . The data collected from December 2015 to the end of the past fiscal year, which took place on March 31st 2019, the blockbuster multiplayer attracted a total of 45 million players many of which continue to populate the servers and to animate the community through nice social initiatives

Rainbow Six Siege fans also contribute to increasing the popularity of the title by participating in eSport events that are among the most popular on the planet, such as the Rainbow Six Pro League with final scheduled in Milan between 18 and 19 May.

Support for the project, therefore, will continue for a long time to come, as Ubisoft has already made us understand by launching the new update for the Fire Amico Inverso and publishing the teaser trailer for Season 2 of the Year 4 of R6S.

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