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Rainbow Six Siege: here is the first teaser of Season 2 of Year 4

Ubisoft has just released a mysterious tweet that is intriguing to all Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege fans, hinting at the very first details on the upcoming first person shooter season.

The picture shows those who should be the next two operators from behind and surrounded by a sort of very dark fog . Accompanying the scene is a message from the French company inviting players to carefully observe the tweet. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any particular details hidden in the image except for the fact that both characters wear an electronic device on their wrist. According to what was declared in a leak a few weeks ago, the attack operator should be able to become temporarily invisible in a similar way to what he saw with Vigil. The defender, on the other hand, may have an ability that makes him immune to the effects of smoke and stun grenades.

While waiting for Ubisoft to publish new material on Season 2 of Year 4, we remind you that Rainbox Six's Friendly Fire Siege has drastically changed with the last update and now whoever hits their allies suffers the same amount of damage dealt. Did you know that the next chapter of Rainbow Six could also include singleplayer?

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