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Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: sold out for the Milan final

The final of the ninth season of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Pro League records an impressive sold out. Tickets to attend the competition that sees players from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America collide for a dizzying prize pool of $ 275,000 were sold in record time.

Further confirmation of the Italians' passion for the videogames and waiting sports around this competition that will consecrate Milan for a whole weekend as the world capital of export. The majestic and iconic Palazzo del Ghiaccio, which will be under the eyes of the whole world thanks to the live streaming broadcast in as many as 14 languages, will welcome the myriad of enthusiasts who will pour into the capital of Milan during the weekend of 18 and 19 May. [19659003] The Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Pro League is the global competition dedicated to video games Rainbow Six Siege . After touring the major cities around the world, it will be for the first time Italy to host what promises to be the most followed tournament of all time in the Ubisoft series of video games. An important milestone for our country, which also has the honor of being the first European nation, after years, to host the final of a very high level competition like the Pro League. And the credit is also due to the excellent feedback that Italian fans have given: only in 2018, in fact, the views of the streaming of the tournaments dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege have almost reached 3 million, not to mention that the brand boasts over 1 million unique players in Italy

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The arrival of the Pro League in Milan is celebrated in a truly exclusive location, the Palazzo del Ghiaccio : This historic building, built in the 1920s in pure Art Nouveau style to host Europe's biggest ice rink, has become an elegant space for the most important events in the Lombard capital in recent years and, for the first time, it will be the theater of an unprecedented export show. Not only spectators and international athletes will fill the arena, but also the tension, the positive charge, the lights, the sounds and the colors of a sporting event in all respects, able to give all the emotions that only one show esport sa dare.

The challenge is already open, the best players of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will compete with no holds barred to reach qualification for the Milan finals. The eight teams that will emerge will have the honor and the burden of representing their continent at the eSport event of the year, the wait is very high and full of tension. Who will have the best?

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