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Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: the Magnificent Eight to conquer Milan

Milan is preparing to welcome the best players in the world of Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft, as we anticipated some time ago, chose the Milanese metropolis to host the finals of the IX Pro League season a competitive circuit in which the greatest teams of the four regions in which it is divided excel. A fundamental event for our country, which should start to believe a little more in exports and initiatives like these. An opportunity to be exploited to the full, not to lose further ground from nations whose governments – see Denmark and France – have begun to pro-actively support competitive gaming and its incalculable potential.
The enthusiasm of the public at the announcement of the Milanese stage it is perhaps the best answer to those who still show skeptics: tickets sold like hot cakes for a venue, Palazzo del Ghiaccio completely sold out in no time. Certainly, the immense catchment area of ​​the Ubisoft title must also be included in the statistics. Indeed, Italy can count on one of the most active Rainbow Six Siege communities in the world. The great success of the European Cup (the first, truly international event for our local scene) was staged at Games Week last year
. However, it should not be taken for granted the great and active participation of the Italian public, still too little accustomed to the culture of live events.
In any case, in just a few days, fans will finally be able to see some of the best players in the world on stage. So the big Rainbow Six Siege theme party is about to start, but which teams flew to Milan to contend for the title of Season IX champions and the rich first prize from 75,000 Dollars .

The great absentees

Certainly, among the "magnificent eight" there will not be the G2 a group of very European champions who in recent years have left only the crumbs to their opponents. And yet, at the Season IX Finals they failed to qualify. Why?
In the last regular season the world champion team received some heavy combs from some teams maybe a little more hungry and motivated than them. Think of the Russians of Team Empire massacred during the Canadian Invitational finals and eager to retaliate: they stopped the G2 route twice with two daring draws (both finished on 6 to 6) . To put the sticks in the wheel to the legends of Rainbow Six we have also thought of two teams with few ambitions: the Secret team and the NaVi (former roster Mock-It Esports).

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To be clear, two formations that have even found themselves fighting to keep their place in the Pro League. Which, unfortunately for the Secret, has not happened since they lost against the Vitality which therefore earn an important place in the Season X.
The unwritten assumption for which it was " great with the great and small with the small ones ", in short, seems not to apply only to football. Be careful, however, to talk about the decline of the dynasty, or the end of a cycle. Kantoraketti, Goga, Fabian and partners will not give up the blow so easily and we are sure that the next Major of North Carolina will be there with all the determination that distinguishes them and that has allowed them to be at the top of the hierarchical scale of the competitive circuit made by Ubisoft .
Instead, there will be the natural preys of the G2: Evil Geniuses those eternal losers who – in theory – not finding the top of the food chain should be able to graze undisturbed on the Milanese stage. Of course, never say never, because the EGs have anyway made up a barbina figure in Montreal and at the moment there are much more aggressive and unscrupulous teams.

The Magnificent Eight – the pairings

Evil Geniuses vs.. Immortals

What, then, are the trainings that we will see this weekend in Milan? Let's start immediately with Evil Geniuses who, as an appetizer, will have to deal with Immortals . The latter is an American formation (held by a joint venture that also owns the Grizzlies) who went on to fish for young talent in the LATAM region (or South American, as it is called). The roster, in fact, is totally composed of still relatively unknown carioca players. The team, however, was present at the last Invitational and, during the last regular season, managed to fight with nails and teeth to snatch a ticket to Milan. The Immortals have managed to keep up with the South American Juventus of Rainbow Six Siege, those FaZe Clan of which we will talk to you shortly. The Immortals were a bit more "workers" and they had to work a lot, as with the six seasonal draws they finished just one point above Team Liquid. Who knows if we will find the boys at Temakinho's dinner after the EG game.
Here, we already talked about Evil Geniuses a little while ago: North Americans, condemned to be model losers and succulent snacks for Europeans. Will they be able to throw the frag over the obstacle and move on to the semi-finals? They certainly won't have an easy life, because waiting for them will be one of LeStream Esports and FaZe Clan.

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FaZe Clan Vs. LeStream

Let's start from a very young reality that has already had the opportunity to participate in the Invitational: i LeStream . The organization was formed by an initiative of a transalpine Web TV. The nice thing is that the formation, despite not having any history behind it (it was born at the end of November 2018) is not only able to fly to Canada, but also to earn second place in the regular season behind the sole ones Russian . Perhaps the merit is of the presence of highly experienced personalities from Millenium, Vitality and above all of the legendary ENCE team. We do not know if this jumble of European players will have the chance to pass to the semi-finals, but it would be really nice to see such a young reality succeed in establishing itself in the international arena.
The battleship FaZe Clan will try to stop it. Exactly as already done by the Immortals, also the multinational FaZe travels the world in search of talents to put under contract. And what better place than Brazil? The organization made use of a fairly cohesive roster coming from the three main carioca realities: Team Fontt, Black Dragons and PaiN. During the regular season they left only four matches to their opponents, winning ten of them. LeStream are warned.

Team Empire vs. DarkZero

We fear for the safety of DarkZero. This US formation, created from scratch in November 2018 by the former SK Gaming, managed to finish second in the North America region just behind the EGs. Think about: equal points but with a slightly worse map record. About the new graft? That Brandon "BC" Carr born and raised professionally in Evil Geniuses and only arrived at the beginning of March? Maybe.

Their only problem is that, in the first match, they will find themselves in front of Team Empire's Spetsnaz, or rather an opponent far beyond their reach. The Russian team returns to Milan after the domination in the Euro Cup 2018 determined to walk on the poor remains of the opposing teams. The scorching defeat in the last Invitational is probably still burning but has shown the world again that Europe, in Rainbow Six Siege, dominates unchallenged over all other regions.
Will the Empire be able to cancel the lean figure made up against the G2s in Montreal and to be crowned champions of Season IX? Who knows. The unknown is the new addition: Danila "Dan" Dontsov (who replaced Shockwave), unaccustomed to international stages.

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PET Nora Rengo vs. Fnatic

Last but not least the two teams from the Asia-Pacific region: Nora Rengo and Fnatic . A pity that the draws have sent two teams from the same region to direct confrontation. I Nora Rengo have learned to know them very well in Canada, thanks to that rascal of Yasuhiro "Kizoku" Nishi . Owner, coach, number one fan, entertainer, cheerleader of his team and great character who has made the hearts of all the fans but, obviously, not in those of Team Empire who paved them in the semifinals. The Japanese chibi, however, did not give up and, after reaching the semi-finals also of the Season VIII in Rio de Janeiro (then defeated by the FaZe Clans), they obviously aim to do better.
To succeed, however, they will have to overcome the Fnatic obstacle .

Australians have already given a lesson to the Nora Rengo in the regional final on April 14.
So, for this match, we really expect everything. The Aussies on paper are much stronger than the Japanese but have always been disappointed in international events (Season VIII, Invitational 2018 and 2019 finals). The Japanese, however, must not be underestimated despite the small revolution in the roster, because the honor and the desire to fight like wild ronins certainly do not lack.
What do you say, see you in Milan on May 18 ? The show promises to be really interesting. Finally, don't forget that Twitch Drop will also return, of different rarity depending on the time you spend tuned to the official Twitch channels.

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