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Rape Day: even the British government is lashing out against Valve and the game

In recent days the appearance on Steam of a title called "Rape Day" had infuriated the gamer community, and not only. It is in fact a questionable title to say the least, which in an apocalyptic scenario allowed the rape and murder of female characters.

The latest reaction in order of time comes from Parliament English . He spoke about Hannah Bardell deputy of the Scottish National Party, who described the game as "terribly repulsive material" and declared that the government should try to gather at a table and solve the question once and for all.

"The content of this game is absolutely perverse, and it's time to talk seriously and ask how tech companies and gaming platforms, especially Steam, can escape unscathed after this kind of stupidity " declared the parliamentarian, who then went on: " The culture of seeking forgiveness rather than permission is a stain on an industry that would otherwise have the potential to be an extraordinary resource ". [19659004] His comment was also corroborated by Shona Robison Prime Minister of the Scottish Parliament, who called for government intervention to strengthen legislation in the area in this ion, declaring itself happy with Valve's decision to remove the game from its platform

After two weeks of stay in fact, the gaming giant has succumbed to pressure and decided to eliminate the title from the online catalog.

it is clear what consequences a question from the British Parliament could obtain, being Valve an original company operating in the United States, but it is certainly a further sign of an evident discomfort towards an unwise move by the company.

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