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Red Dead Online: a user is depopulated by writing a diary like Arthur Morgan

Anyone who has spent a minimum of time on Red Dead Redemption 2 has had to do with the diaries of Arthur Morgan somehow, and his splendid drawings of animals. A fan of the game, a Reddit user, has decided to keep one of his own in that style, but definitely fun.

His diary reports a whole series of unfortunate experiences in Red Dead Online, accompanied by drawings in the typical style of protagonist of the game. In some cartoons we read: "Today I was shot in the face while collecting herbs, I lost my hat, but somehow I survived, I lost two hours trying to track xXpussyslayer14Xx".

belle concerns one of the ingame activities, fishing: "I love fishing, nothing calms me like the sound of water, and be one with nature … It is therapeutic Now imagine my surprise when I discovered having become what has been fished. "

While the misadventures of Arthur Morgan are the main sources of inspiration for the user, the latter said he also took stories of other users: "I was absolutely stunned by the success of my first post, I never imagined that I had such positive feedback, and those comments really took me a week, and the feedback pushed me to make it something more. only the first post, but I quickly realized that I should have done more, "said the user.

Find his funny drawings at the bottom of the news. What do you think? Have you ever thought about keeping your travel journal on Red Dead Online?

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