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Red Dead Online: Evans rifle and Free Roam event in the new update

Rockstar Games released a new update for the Red Dead Online Beta which introduced the new Evans a Repetition rifle the free roam event Oro degli Stolti and so on. Followed by the official statement released by the US company

Last week we implemented the first part of major updates to the Red Dead Online beta including new game mechanics, a more balanced experience and we corrected over 300 bugs. Another step towards a better gaming world. This beta period allows us to shape and improve key parts of the gaming world before the Red Dead Online adventure really starts. With the evolution of Red Dead Online, we will continue to implement new features that will ensure a greater connection with the game world, with your character, with the horse and with the weapons. We will also add new modes and new mechanics that will help the player shape his destiny within a lawless border.

New weapon: repeating Evans rifle
The repeating Evans rifle is a powerful long-range weapon , known for its presence in the arsenal of John Marston during the first Red Dead Redemption. The repeating Evans rifle can hold many projectiles and is lethal from medium to long distance, with a particularly high rate of fire. To make it an essential weapon of your arsenal, you can for example customize the football, the viewfinder and the coating. You can already buy one from Wheeler's catalog, Rawson & Co, or any gunsmith.

Free Roam Gold of the foolish
You must always be prepared to leave this world in a flash of glory, but some protection could delay the 'unavoidable. This is the idea behind the Free Roam Oro event of fools. Gold of fools is the most recent addition to the Free Roam event list, a selection of competitive modes to which you will be invited periodically as you wander through the Red Dead Online beta world. When you participate in a Free Roam event you are automatically taken to the place where it takes place before it begins. Like all Free Roam events, Gold of fools is a quick and easy way to have fun by challenging other players and earning a few PEs and extra money. It is also the perfect way to complete the daily challenges related to weapons, kills or combat without attacking other players during Free Roam.

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In the fool's gold, you will have to fight against other players to wear the Elmo d ' gold. If you kill opponents while wearing it, you will earn points. You can also get points by killing an opponent who is wearing the Golden Helm. In this way, the helmet will be available to anyone who reaches it first

In addition to Gold fools there are many other Free Roam events that take place regularly in the beta of Red Dead Online:

  • On my corpse : keep control of an object for as long as possible
  • Competitive Challenges : compete against other players to get the highest score in a randomly chosen challenge and within a limited time (at the moment the challenges include Bow and arrows, Headshots, Horse Kills, Long Weapons and Side Weapons).
  • Galoppino : a challenge between Posse for those who can first deliver a horse to a specific place.
  • King of the castle : compete to obtain and maintain control of the castle area while remaining alive inside. The winner is who will keep control of the area for more time at the end of the event
  • Master Archer : get more points than the

Like all the other Free Roam events, Gold of fools can be played alone all against everyone, or as a skirmish between Posse. To participate in Gold fools, wait for the notification to appear while you're in Free Roam and accept the invitation. If the leader of a Posse accepts an invitation to Gold fools (or any other Free Roam event of the Red Dead Online beta), all members of the Posse will participate in the event along with their leader. With the evolution of the Red Dead Online beta and thanks to the advice of the players, we will continue to add new events Free Roam.

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New stock package
We greatly appreciate the support shown during this beta period and, this week, All Red Dead Online beta participants will receive a special stock package (to be redeemed at the camp security deposit box or at any post office) as a sign of our gratitude. This package includes a series of stocks useful to survive in the border and to face the new daily Challenges, the new Free Roam events, the missions or the Series of Accounts:

  • 60 high-speed ammunition for pistol
  • 60 high-speed ammunition for repeat weapons
  • 2 incendiary bottles
  • 8 incendiary arrows
  • 2 Jolly Jack's
  • 2 powerful medicines for horses
  • 1 lake bait

In addition, anyone completes five challenges daily by March 11, will receive one Spinner special the following week. The special Spinner is a bait that allows you to catch fish of all sizes and that can not be lost even if you had to cut the line.

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