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Red Dead Online is growing faster than GTA Online

We all know very well how GTA Online turned out to be a more than apt move for Rockstar Games. The division entirely dedicated to the online multiplayer sector of Grand Theft Auto V manages, almost six years after the launch of the title, to generate huge profits for the company.

The good news for Rockstar is that Red Dead Online finally out of beta, is growing faster than GTA Online made in its first months of launch. Important to clarify that the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto is today certainly more expanded and played compared to that of the western game, and that the comparison made by Take-Two regards precisely the index of growth in the first months of life of both the experiences.

Unfortunately it is difficult to further investigate the topic, since Strauss Zelnick of Take-Two has limited himself to expressing publisher satisfaction for the performances of Red Dead Online, without spreading numbers of some type that would have helped in this confrontation with the other great production Rockstar Games .

Abandoning the beta phase, Red Dead Online has accepted a whole series of novelties and improvements of gameplay: we refer you to our Special dedicated to the Rockstar western shared world game.

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