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Red Dead Online leaves the Beta phase: news and plans for the future

Today is a very important day for all the fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 who, after completing the adventure of Arthur Morgan and the events of the stoic Dutch band, continue to ride from Blackwood to Saint Denis inside the multiplayer servers.
Rockstar's support in Red Dead Online, as we know, has just begun, but the development team has announced that the parallel mode of his western work has come out of the beta phase . The message that the studio wants to launch is simple and straightforward: everything that has been done up to this moment has served to prepare a new path that will begin shortly, and that will lead to building an increasingly varied offer over time.

The release from the Beta, in short, is not a landing point but a restart: thanks to the feedback of the Rockstar community, it has laid down the foundations on which it will build a more varied and multifaceted experience. Red Dead Online wants to be, moreover, a constantly evolving title, a western theme park that will be gradually expanded, as shown by the declarations that already herald further news coming this summer. The unpublished elements of the update, in any case, are many, and they are already able to make the concrete commitment of the software house perceive.

Dusty Adventures

Once you download the Red Dead Online update, we will find new cooperative missions, activities and minigames to spend time with our companions. As for the campaign, entitled " Jessica LeClerk's Revenge ", new quests will be introduced for all players.

In addition, other subplots will be added depending on the honor earned by your alter ego, which will lead your gunslingers to fight criminal gangs or to concoct new misdeeds. Despite the division into parallel "paths", Rockstar anticipated that each narrative arc will converge in a showdown in Blackwater, on which he did not want to unbutton further.

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In addition to the new narrative missions, the abandonment of the beta phase leads to I donate other tasks scattered around the game world, which will intertwine with the vicissitudes of various characters already seen in Red Dead Redemption 2. The life of your Posse will surely be richer, and as if this were not enough, it will be possible to engage in new internal competitions focus on fishing, bird hunting and herb picking. The goal is to make the experience multi-faceted in every aspect, and the amount of content ready to invade the far west is decidedly impressive .

Red Dead Online, in fact, will also see the entry of causal events distributed along the map, to gain experience, honor and money in various ways. But there will also be space for secondary activities already seen as Arthur Morgan, given that Texas Hold'em Poker will also be introduced, to challenge friends in private games, or to sit at public tables filled with other unknown users.

When the man with the gun …

If you prefer the action, also in terms of competitive modes there is a news to report : that is the introduction of the Overrun matches, in whose purpose is to mark as many territories as possible, trying to steal the enemy possessions without forgetting to defend one's own. As it is logical to guess, the team with the largest land will win the match, almost like a brutal Splatoon in which to throw itself into the hand. Without forgetting that Overrun is only the first of several modes that will be added to the PvP sector over the next few weeks.

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As for the paraphernalia and clothing, Red Dead Online will be updated with new weapons, such as the Revolver LeMat, able to pass from the automatic fire of as many as nine barrels to the single shot, and different garments like the poncho. Every seven days, among other things, the catalog available to players within the stores will be expanded with other new features.

Up to this moment we have seen that, on the content front, the multiplayer servers of the title will be supported properly, but the development team also paid attention to the community feedback. The "enemy", if you can define it like this, is the incorrect gameplay that easily makes the goliardia of some users ready to ruin the games of others.

A new sheriff in the city

From the point of view of the general experience, Rockstar has designed some systems for to make the life of the far west more serene . To start, each user can select a style between offensive and defensive. The first, active by default, maintains the classic settings for the free roam already known, with all the possible actions to interact with the other participants of the server. Setting a defensive style, on the other hand, will protect the player from unwanted attacks, leaving him free to engage in his own activities without being interrupted by some trigger-happy gunslingers.

Going into detail, a shield-shaped icon will indicate that that specific user is not interested in any conflict, and therefore will suffer less damage, cannot be captured with a lasso and will not even be taken into consideration by the automatic target .

In case you choose to disturb a player who has clearly expressed his desire not to be attacked, or if he becomes hostile without changing his parameter, a new hostility system will come into operation.

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Every user who stains himself with incorrect behavior will be signaled by a color, starting from blue to get on bright red. To limit the griefing, therefore, an impertinent player will appear clearly on the radar of all the other participants, and his respawn point will be set in an area further and further from the place of death, until the rebirth in a totally different region.

Furthermore, defending oneself from the users reported as enemies will be considered legitimate by the system, which will not penalize anyone who responds to attacks by possible perpetrators. Finally, there are improvements to the general gameplay, such as customizable commands and an assisted aiming that makes headshots more complicated.

With the official release from the beta phase, Rockstar has clarified that it has scheduled a series of weekly updates which will progressively introduce new PvP modes and various other improvements to expand the offer even more of Red Dead Online. In particular, reference is made to an unprecedented system of roles, which will allow us to interact differently with our character. From living as a bounty hunter, to collecting treasures and rare objects, passing through trade through your own field, unlocking unique attributes for each activity. The details on the roles are still few, but we know that they will be introduced this summer, with the aim of enriching the overall experience.

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