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Red Dead Online: the Beta is updated with lots of news and improvements

Today the Red Dead Online Beta receives a big update: it includes new modes, better balancing, new weapons, new clothes and other improvements requested by the community. The update is now available in the game: here's all the details.

New at Gameplay

Get Gold Nuggets and PE by completing the Daily Challenges, a new set of different objectives such as skinning animals, finding treasures, win feuds and more. Open the player menu to view your 7 Daily Challenges that will change every day. Each completed challenge assures Gold Peps and PE, with a bonus for the completion of all and 7. From next week, it competes against the rival teams and Posse in the new event Free Roam Oro of the Stolti, in which players compete to wear a flamboyant protective gold helmet. Shoot the wearer to get the helmet and the points, then reverse the roles and make a killing of opponents.

In addition, the Red Dead Online beta will be enriched every week with new game modes. Test your aim with Target Races, where players face each other riding and knocking down targets with speed and accuracy. The skill with bow and arrows will be precious to you. Collect weapons and objects when you can to restore the horse's resistance and make the most of the limited supply of bullets to hit targets or attack your rivals.

Take on friends and rivals in new Fishing Challenges . Choose to participate in a Challenge to get the proper equipment and bait, get to the water and start looking for the largest specimens. Simplify the task using the Eagle's Eye to identify areas rich in fish. Remember: the winner is the one who catches fish for a greater total weight, regardless of the number of specimens fished. Do not dwell on the size of the prey and continue to fish.

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Three new accounts will soon be available, in which players and teams will face each other to recover and deliver bags, steal each other's loot and survive. Continue to follow us for more information on All in Smoke, War Booty and Scorribanda. Along with these new modes will come the icon of the Series in evidence: use the sign Series highlights or the Quick Start menu to play the most recent modes.


The rare-barreled shotgun, available today, is a finely engraved version in oxidized brass of the basic version. The unmissable Evans repeater is also coming, a quality weapon with a high capacity and devastating from medium to long distance. Both weapons can be purchased through the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog and local gunsmiths.


Renovate the wardrobe : buy one of the new items of clothing choosing from clothes, boots, overcoats, gloves, hats, vests and more. In addition to all items of clothing that can be purchased at any time, limited-time items will occasionally be available in the catalog.


Express yourself with a new series of emotes for react, greet and provoke . As with any emote, you can use the standard version with a rapid pressure and a more emphatic variant with a double pressure. You can find the new emotes in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog and add them to the Emote Wheel from the Manage Emote menu.

Map Improvements

Radar updates and player visibility : we reduced the visibility of players' icons over long distances, so now your position will only be shown to nearby players. This will reduce the risk of being targeted across the map by more aggressive players. The system also includes the limitation of voice chat in the immediate vicinity. Overly aggressive players will be highlighted on the map by a dot that will become progressively darker. If your style of play becomes more hostile, your position on the map (and that of the members of your Posse) will become visible even further.

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Tregue and simplified feuds : transform discussions with others players in mini-deathmatches in time to initiate feuds, which can be initiated against a rival and his Posse after a killing. Alternatively, it establishes a temporary truce more quickly after a killing thanks to upgrades to the truce system

Improved law and sizes : if you combine enough trouble to accumulate a high size, you will increase your chances to be the target of a manhunt by bounty hunters controlled by the game. The higher the size, the more determined will be your pursuers … so be careful!

Play the beta of Red Dead Online before Tuesday, March 5 to receive in the safe of the camp or the post office the following items:

  • Powerful Snake Oil x2
  • Powerful Serum x2
  • Powerful Miraculous Tone x2
  • Revitalizing Horse x2
  • Powerful Stimulant for Horses x2
  • Poisoned Arrows x8
  • Explosive single balls x10

Exclusive contents PS4

The Jaw Knife will be available on PlayStation 4 in early access from today. It is a single-bodied weapon with a handle finely engraved by the remains of the jaw of a killed animal. In addition, from today, there are several new clothing items and three new ones. In the coming weeks, on the PlayStation 4 will be available in early access the new series of special modes, starting from open races to the target, where players compete in an open space to hit as many targets as possible riding.

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