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Resident Evil 2: developers talk about the success of the game

As we have told you, Capcom has declared that it has sold more than 4 million copies sold for the remake of Resident Evil 2, a title very appreciated by both the public and the critics. For the occasion, the software house has also released a rather special celebrative video.

It is a sort of "behind the scenes", shot during a dinner among the developers, who do not seem aware of the hidden cameras that take them back, and therefore have commented without constraints the success of the game and the processing of video games in general, informally.

Many have said they were surprised and happy with the evaluation of Metacritic the first result over 90 for Capcom in 20 years. Among the curiosities emerged, the fact that about half of the developers were against the idea of ​​a demo for the game, to eveitare spoiler the title to the gamers, but in the end with the right timing, the one-shot-demo did only that good to the popularity of Resident Evil 2, given the 3 million downloads in less than two weeks.

Some concerns were then also emerged with regard to the change of shots: it was indeed feared to go to touch too many scenes considered almost "sacred". Even in this case, however, the result eventually paid off, indicating that the formula chosen for the final product was the right one.

You can watch the entire video in question at the top of the news.

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