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Resident Evil 2 Remake: The Director Kadoi tells the story

Resident Evil 2 Remake was extremely well received by the public and critics. The renovation work carried out by Capcom has indeed met many expectations, giving players a new way to relive a great classic videogame.

Among the most appreciated elements within this Remake we surely find the infamous Mister X a threatening presence looming over the paths crossed by Claire and Leon. On this fearsome adversary, the Director Kazunori Kadoi was recently pronounced during an interview granted to the Editor of PC Gamer. Inside, the author has described some of the mechanics that characterize this "new" Mister X .

In particular, Kadoi provided interesting details about ] IA which regulates the action of the character: " If he loses track of the player, he is still technically searching for him, but he will follow paths in a random way. person if you were tracking, checking each section of the area and moving meticulously from one area to the other.However, if you hear something nearby or see a player in the distance, then you will surely begin to threaten menacingly towards the player " . When questioned about the behavior of Mister X inside the Police Station, the Director said he did not want to spread too many details, but to be able to say that if the latter fails to track down the player " within a certain period of time ", then his senses become more sensitive. In general, gunshots will attract the attention of the character, but in certain key moments of history the players can not avoid a meeting with his threatening figure.

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Kadoi has also commented on some theories who would like more Mister X active in the Game, confirming that only one Tyrant is present in Resident Evil 2 Remake. The Director has also provided some background on the development, telling how the noise of his steps has been reconstructed through a mixture of different sounds, as the gait of a real person with similar proportions would not have generated the same effect. In closing, Kadoi declared himself surprised and happy with the success that the "new" Mister X collected among the players. The character, in fact, was the protagonist of several Mods, not the last one in which he was transformed into a perfect beach tourist!

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