Resident Evil: the Switch versions of the first chapter of RE0 and RE4 cost 30 euros


The decision to increase the list price of the three classic titles of the Resident Evil saga on Switch is provoking controversy. This is the first chapter of the series Capcom of RE0 and RE4 which will arrive on the console of Grnde N next May 20.

The games are already available for pre -order sull'' eShop but for the surprise of the players are at a higher price than the counterparts of other consoles. The three chapters cost in fact about 30 euros each, a figure a bit 'higher than expected for both the age of the titles in question, both for the fact that on other platforms are sold at 10 euros less.

A similar controversy occurred at the time of the release of games like Rime and LA Noire, also sold at higher prices on the hybrid console of Nintendo than the others. To be considered also that the three Resident Evil will be sold only in digital version. A physical copy is only provided for RE0, and even in the Resident Evil Origins Collection which includes both the original and 0, according to some reports only the latter will be available on cartridge, while the first chapter will be available as a download code.

What do you think of this situation? Do you still intend to play the historical titles on Nintendo Switch?