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Respawn has stopped developing another Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order game

With Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order the ambitions of Respawn Entertainment have grown considerably: after working on multiplayer-focused games like Titanfall and Apex Legends, the studio headed by Vince Zampella is devoting himself to an action -adventure that has the burden and the honor of representing the historic Star Wars brand.

Before Respawn was commissioned to give light to an adventure set in the universe conceived by George Lucas, software house was working on another project never revealed to the public. To spread the news is Stig Asmussen who, during an interview given to Press Start, declared as follows:

"I think it all started with EA who contacted us. I had a team, and we were working on a game , when asked: "What do you think of Star Wars?" And unanimously, hands down, everyone in the studio declared they were interested in Star Wars, although we were very busy with the other project we were working on. We saw an opportunity. What I mean is: when will you have another chance to work on a Star Wars game? ".

As far as the indolent action of director Asmussen (author of the brutal God of War 3) is known , it is difficult to say what Respawn could have been at. We will probably return to hear about this unknown project following the release of Jedi Fallen Order which we remember to be awaited November 15th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Recently, new details regarding the game's combat system have appeared online, apparently similar to the souls-like. If you are interested in learning more about the title, we refer you to our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Preview.

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