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Respawn promises to improve communication with Apex Legends players

Communication between Respawn Entertainment and users of Apex Legends has not always been clear and free of misunderstandings, which has often caused discontent within the community. The software house has tried to explain the reasons, committing itself to improving in this aspect.

Vince Zampella spoke about it who candidly admitted that since its launch in early February, Apex Legends has grown in such a short time and has achieved results that have taken the same developers by surprise, who found themselves in difficulty in some respects.

It was in fact the first Battle Royale and free-to-play for the studio, which was previously engaged in titles like Titanfall that focused on modalities like deathmatch or the main campaign, while having no experience what kind of content could fit for a title like Apex Legends.

That's why the team often found themselves in difficulty and preferred to remain silent. "It is not always easy to answer" We do not know "to those who ask you for information" said Zampella. However, this has created some frustration among users, and this is why the CEO of the software house undertook to improve in terms of communication.

Zampella then gave another important reassurance to the users of the game: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will not affect the development of Apex Legends, as there are two separate teams working on the two projects.

Will these statements stop the Apex Legends crisis? It seems that the magic moment of the game is ending, and that even on Twitch the views of Apex Legends are collapsing.

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