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Rockstar Games kicked off the cast for Bully 2?

According to some rumors that emerged in recent hours, the agency Pinewood Studios would be looking for a young boy between the ages of 7 and 13 to play the part of a bully in a project not yet announced. Many however immediately thought of Bully 2

Pinewood has already collaborated with Rockstar Games ComicBook.com has contacted the agency for clarification on , a spokesman of the same did not rule out the possibility that the project in question could be Bully 2 while admitting "can not unveil the identity of the customer".

In the description given for the role , it is highlighted as " the protagonist is a friend of one of the main characters of the story, the two are linked by a toxic and violent relationship "

In recent weeks other rumors have emerged on Bully 2 that have hopes for the sequel of the game rekindled, published back in 2008 and since then disappeared from the spotlight …

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