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Rumor: no Splinter Cell in development, Ubisoft works in Far Cry 6 and Mario + Rabbids 2

A new rumor that emerged online may have shed light on the projects on which Ubisoft is currently working . The rumors come from the 4chan portal, notoriously not the most reliable source of the internet, so we advise you to take the news with due caution.

If only a few days ago the hopes of fans wishing to see a sequel of Splinter were fed Cell (except then the arrival of a denial), the rumor in question seems to be very clear in this regard: Ubisoft is not dealing with no game set in the videogame universe of Sam Fisher . The company would, more than once, after Blacklist, try to create a new iteration of the franchise, only to systematically delete the project it was working on. Among the discarded ideas, we have a VR title developed by Red Storm, a first-person chapter by the Far Cry Blood Dragon team, and a direct follow-up to Blacklist, passed from the hands of Ubisot Toronto to the divisions of Paris and Shanghai. The title leaked about a year ago from Walmart was instead a spin-off VR of Spies vs Mercs, also put aside at last.

Ubisoft would instead point more convincingly on the Far Cry franchise, whose fifth chapter proved to be the most profitable console game for the company during the current videogame generation. According to the rumors, two new titles are being processed: Far Cry 6 and "Far Cry", which is a new Far Cry 5-based spin-off .

Finally, Ubisoft Milano would be working on a sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle the surprisingly exclusive Switch that received a warm welcome from players and industry critics. [19659005]

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