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Saints Row The Third: The Full Package comes out in May on Nintendo Switch

The official Twitter channel of Deep Silver sets the next May 10 the official launch date of the Nintendo Switch version of Saints Row The Third. The free-roaming shooter of Volition will be proposed in Full Package ie comprehensive of all the DLC released on PC and console last-gen since 2011.

In this new role , the open-world acrobatic of Deep Silver will catapult us back into the Stillwater slums to make us reorganize the gang by the Saints and snatch the city from the clutches of the sinister criminal organization of the Syndicate . [19659003] To succeed in the enterprise we will be able to use a cooperative modality, an extremely rich arsenal, a white weapon combat system mutated by professional wrestling and a deep growth system of the hero (and his band) linked to the 'acquisition of experience points gained by advancing in adventure missions.

Considered rightly as one of the best action-free roaming in recent years, the third act of the epic of Saint s Row will try to win the hearts of fans of the genre on Nintendo Switch with its explosive charge of irreverence and, of course, with the possibility of engaging in battle against Syndicate's henchmen in both docked and portable mode. I will also present the multifaceted editor of characters that many joys has given to users of the original edition for PC, X360 and PS3.

Before leaving the explanatory images published by Deep Silver, we remind those who follow us that Saints Row 3 is arrived in January in the digital catalog of the Game Pass of Xbox One and Xbox One X.

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