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Samurai Shodown: two new trailers of present Genjuro and Haohmaru

SNK recently released a new gameplay trailer for Samurai Shodown, with which the launch date of the new fighting game was finally announced.

But it is not the only news on the recent title: the development team of Samurai Shodown has in fact decided to present two members of the game roster to the public. Both were introduced with a special trailer, which you can view at the beginning and at the bottom of this news. The protagonist of the first is Genjuro a powerful fighter ready to face his opponents by making use of all his forces. The second video introduces us instead Haohmaru another skilled swordsman always ready to accept the challenge of a worthy adversary. What do you think of these two fighters, do you like their fighting style?

We remind you that the latter are joined by additional wrestlers, including the agile swordswoman Charlotte, also introduced to the public through a special trailer by Charlotte of Samurai Shodown. The new fighting game, absent from the videogame market for about a decade now, is therefore ready to make its expected return. The appointment is for June 25 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch users will have to wait until the fall.

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