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San Francisco Shock wins Phase 2 and ends the Vancouver Titans streak

 San Francisco Shock, Phase 2 champions

Almost a full year is what the Vancouver Titans squad-former Runaway players-had not lost a single game. San Francisco Shock appeared last night to dethrone the kings of the Overwatch League in the final of a Phase 2 in which they have overwhelmed all their opponents.

The awakening of San Francisco Shock

The California team has completed an arc of redemption that dates back to the beginning of last season. Shock finished the Inaugural Season in ninth position -of 12 teams-. Looking ahead to 2019, the squad suffered several changes aimed at fighting for first place in the league. Many teams announced the potential of the new San Francisco and finally they have been able to prove it themselves.

An expected semifinals, but without surprise

In the semifinals, San Francisco Shock crushed a Hangzhou Spark that nobody trusted too much. 4-0 was the result that the orange ones put on the scoreboard, making sure that reached the grand final without having lost a single map in all of Phase 2 . Of course, they were worthy opponents to the current champions, Vancouver Titans.

 Box of the OWL Phase 2 playoffs.
San Francisco Shock also takes $ 200,000 for first place.

the other side of bracket precisely Titans had to face New York Excelsior in one of the most anticipated games of the season . JjoNaK and his team were not able to stop the Canadian team, proving once again that the playoffs phases are not theirs. 4-1 was the final result .

Titans against Shock, a final of infarction

While Vancouver was still starting as a favorite there were many hopes placed in San Francisco. The orange team opened the can by winning the first map Lijiang Tower, and confirming that it had come to the Blizzard Arena to fight for the title with tooth and nail.

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Titans managed to recompose after a King's Row very even and a Paris in which they got a full hold . Although it seemed that the blue and green had awakened and would not let Shock get back on the scoreboard, that 2-1 would end up becoming a 2-4 .

San Francisco he recovered from the blow and beat Vancouver in a tight Gibraltar and easy Oasis and Blizzard World . In this way ended the 19-game winning streak in the league of the Canadians, the longest in the history of the competition. The only active streak now is that of Shock, with 10 games, which will surely continue in Phase 3.

The rematch of the end of the Phase 1 – where Shock lost 3-4 against the Titans – was possible thanks to the great game of all the members of the Californian team. Sinatraa (Zarya) and Viol2t (Zenyatta ) were two of the most important pieces of the final. However, the performance difference between Super, SF tank, and Bumper, of Titans, was key. The Korean did not have his best game, something that took advantage the revelation tank of this season, Super .

The Phase 3 of the Overwatch League will begin the dawn of June 7 . Until then, the teams will have a short break to plan their strategies for the second half of the league. Although the teams that will be first in the playoffs finals, there is still a lot to do in the middle of the board.

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San Francisco Shock wins Phase 2 and ends the Vancouver Titans streak

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