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Sean Murray reveals new details on the troubled development of No Man

During a long interview granted to Tweaktown's colleagues on the sidelines of GDC 2019, Sean Murray of Hello Games revealed some interesting background on the development of No Man's Sky and explained why it was so difficult to maintain the promises made when the project was announced during E3 2014.

"The release of NMS was one of the most intense and dramatic that the videogame industry has ever seen" the founder recalled and boss of Hello Games adding that "this is something that is becoming increasingly common in the industry, a lot of games have faced this problem before us and many others will do it after us. We faced a technical problem that we could solve but we were a very small team, with 6 people developing No Man's Sky and just 15 when we launched it ".

Reliving those frantic moments, and the fierce critiques that moved to his work due to the objective deficiencies of the version of No Man's Sky that debuted on PlayStation 4 in August 2016, Murray also recalls that "during those dark days it would have been much more easy to stop, in fact a similar ending was expected, it was the norm. But two things forced me to get out of bed every morning: one was that we could do something that others couldn't, that is, see hundreds of thousands of people playing your game every day with an average time of 25 hours each, we knew that they were having fun and we wanted to help them. The second was that I didn't want my team to be singled out as dishonest, lazy or something like that: the Hello Games guys are incredibly talented and hard-working, I felt compelled to support them because they deserved it ". [19659003] As for the present, Sean Murray and the authors of Hello Games can be satisfied for the work done and for what they will offer with the next update of No Man's Sky, named Beyond expected at the PC launch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during this summer . The update will be completely free and will take care to improve the cooperative dynamics of the title, adding lots of ingame elements and introducing support for PlayStation VR.

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