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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Digital Foundry promotes the PS4 Pro version

Taking advantage of Sekiro's upcoming release: Shadows Die Twice and the proof given by From Software the Digital Foundry team tried to put the PS4 Pro version of the 'highly anticipated action soulslike made in collaboration with Activision .

Without going into the details of the game dynamics, the narrative canocaccio and the progression of the levels in order not to fall into the spoiler trap and ruin the pleasure of discovery, as usual, the students of DF have analyzed only the graphic sector of the work.

Based on the tests conducted by examining the PS4 version of Sekiro, the last roleplaying action epic of the father of Dark Souls seems to be really at ease on Sony's mid-gen console: the image is clean and clear the chromatic aberration by Bloodborne is disabled as well as the heavy distortion effect in post-processing on the edges of the screen admired in previous Souls. Merit of the different aesthetics of the title, no doubt, but also of the experience gained by From Software that will be reflected in the optimization of the graphics engine.

The absence of artifacts caused by dithering and the presence of advanced particle effects, combined with a dynamic lighting system much less unrealistic than the one that has distinguished the previous works of the Japanese software house, help to reassure fans about the goodness of a title that, moreover, will boast a framerate able to easily scale according to need but without never go below 30fps .

In the hope that the other versions of the title offer an equally satisfying graphic experience, we leave you to the video analysis above and remind those who follow us that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be available from March 22 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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