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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: where to find all the Scales of the Treasure Carp

After having explained to you where to find all the Grains of Rosario, in this mini-guide of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice we will show you where to find all the Flakes of the Carp of the Treasure rare objects that you can use as currency of exchange with the Harunagasi and Koremori merchants.

The carp are found in all the waterways scattered in the game world. To hunt them you will first need to acquire the skill that allows you to dive underwater . After doing that, you just need to launch on them and hit them with the right timing. They will be very fast and will tend to escape to your grip.

Below we list the positions of all Flakes of the Treasure Carp

Tenuta Hirata

  • In the large lake just outside the Hirata Estate you will find the first four carp
  • Find a scale on the left bank of the lake, near a small boat.
  • Throwing yourself into the river you will find a carp swimming under the bridge.
  • You will find another carp before the Bamboo Grove, in the river under the bridge.

Castle Ashina

  • To find the first carp, plunge into the moat of the Ashina Castle.
  • The second scale is always collected from the bottom of the moat.

Monte Kongo

  • Near the Monte Kongo found two carp that swim in the small pond under the third Idol of the Region.

Abyss of Ashina

  • A merchant will sell you two scales for 500 Sen (on our pages we explained how to earn Sen quickly) the one at the idol of the Mibu Village.
  • Starting from the merchant, you reach the river to find another scale in the bottom
  • Give the Water of the Palace to the man who has a Shinobi door under the floor. It will turn into an Okami and, once killed, will drop 5 scales to collect.
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La Forra

  • In the pond between the fort and the cave you can collect two scales, during the main quest.
  • Find another carp on the bottom of the previous lake.
  • Give the Palace Water to the village cleric to turn it into an Okami. Kill it to get 5 scales.

Palazzo della Sorgente

  • Reach the upper left corner in the courtyard of the Mibu palace. Dive into the hole to find three scales.
  • Once you've defeated the Shizu miniboss, dive into the lake to find 7 carp. Another 5 await you in the form of objects at the bottom of the lake.
  • Ring the bell to summon the Great Carp. Feed them to get up to a maximum of 3 scales.

If you need a visual reference to more easily locate all the carp of the treasure, you can watch the video at the top. Speaking of the two merchants who will only accept the scales as an exchange currency, we point out that it will be possible to find Haruganasi at the Tenuta Hirata, on the island located in front of the main building, while Koremori can be encountered in the last area preceding the final boss.

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