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Sekiro's dataminer discovers content cut from the game

The game dynamics related to the infamous Dragon Pain by Sekiro Shadows Die Twice could have taken different forms, as suggested by the discoveries made by the dataminer of the last, surprising action by Activision and From Software.

On the basis of information gathered by the amateur programmer Lance McDonald extrapolating them from the most hidden lines of code of Sekiro, in the initial stages of development the guys from From Software wanted to make the Wolf interact with the secondary characters who contracted the Dragon Pain through a powerful object available by exploring the setting, Dragonrot Pellets .

The use of this medicine would have unleashed completely new lines of dialogue and enriched the title lore: among the files found by the dataminer in fact we find different interlude scenes and lines of text which, if reactivated, allow us to listen to of brand new alogues featuring the Wolf and the NPCs encountered along the way.

Bringing together all these lines of dialogue, it is possible to recover 11 minutes of cut scenes with conversations never heard in the version final of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: find the video in question at the top of the article. Did you also know that in the early stages of the development of the From Software masterpiece the layout of the bosses was completely different?

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